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Forming A Design Team, Part I: Structure

By Mike DelGuidice on August 18, 2015

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With the recent merger of our two design teams - Intridea and Mobomo - a unique opportunity to assist in the restructure and building of our teams was brought to the table. I know this isn’t an isolated situation and the process is in no way easy!

The Catch 22 of Web Design Jobs

By Brandon Hunter on February 4, 2014

After scouring the web, you discover endless postings for interactive, UI, and UX design positions. It would seem the world is your oyster, till you start reading the description: “must have 5+ years of experience”...

What Size Image Do You Need?

By Chris Tate on July 19, 2013

When working with a designer, give them the biggest image you can find. Don't worry about format, file size, or anything like that, just do your best to provide the largest possible picture and let your designer take care of the rest. It's that simple.

Intrideans in the Wild: from DC to Germany in One Weekend

By Intridea on September 18, 2012

This weekend we had Intrideans at four different events we sponsored from DC to Germany, talking about user experience, design, Ruby on Rails, and tablets. Here's a quick rundown of our experience at the events. MoDevTablet The first event kicked off early Friday morning. We partnered with GoMoDev to support their MoDevTablet event, and...

The Tablet Frontier: MoDevTablet

By Anthony Nyström on September 4, 2012

Last April we sponsored the first MoDevUX event in Washington DC and helped facilitate some important conversations about user experience design and application development with hundreds of industry experts. We had the opportunity to take the stage to share some of our insight gained from developing beautiful, modern mobile applications over...

Improve Interface Development with Box Sizing

By Javier Rios on August 22, 2012

New to css layouts or a Ninja warrior we both share one common headache, The Box Model. The box-model is the way we calculate the width and heigh of an object. The W3C modal calculates the width and height by adding the padding and border to the width you specify ( width + padding + border / height + padding + border ). This is a pain when we...

Smashing Conf + Intridea

By Jürgen Altziebler on August 16, 2012

We’re excited to announce our involvement and sponsorship of Smashing Conference, taking place in beautiful Freiburg, Germany September 17-19th. This event brings together web designers and developers for three days of intense workshops and engaging presentations from design experts around the world. We’re sponsoring the sold-out event and... Redesign

By Renae Bair on June 20, 2012

Creating a more beautiful web, one application at a time. Our website has always been more than just a sales tool for displaying our services. As a web development and design company our website is our brand; it embodies the essence of who we are: our values, our culture, and our discipline. We don't take a redesign lightly; when we...