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GemNotifier Goes Open Source

By Roc Yu on July 8, 2011

In April, I announced GemNotifier, a new Intridea SparkTime project. GemNotifier is a web app I created to send notifications to users when the gems they subscribe to are updated. Today, I'm excited to announce that we are open sourcing GemNotifier. At Intridea, we have a long history of support for open source development, and we make every...

RefactorMyCode: Updates

By Andy Wang on July 5, 2011

A few years ago, I found by accident while searching for programming tips. I registered on the site right away because I liked the way it fostered sharing code with other programmers. It was a strong community that I wanted to be a part of. Three months ago when I began my career at Intridea, I was prompted to select a...

Rails 3: Fully Loaded

By Andy Wang on May 13, 2011


Its been close to a year since Rails 3 came out and I've had the pleasure of working on several Rails 3 projects since its release. Some existing gems became irrelevant with the release of Rails 3, while others lived. Additionally, we've seen many new gems come to life. I'd like to share a stack of gems that I've been using this...

Fixing Common Bundler Problems

By Jerry Cheung on August 23, 2010

When bundler first came out, I really wanted to like it. It promised a clean way to declare dependencies for your application in a single and definitive place, regardless of what kind of box your app was running on. Unfortunately, bundler has not lived up to the hype, and I've had plenty of headaches from bundler problems. Read on for a list...