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What's Wrong With Patents? It's Obvious.

By Michael Bleigh on August 18, 2011

Patents are in the news in the tech circle more and more these days. As trolls lurk under bridges and the portfolio cold war gets hotter and hotter, everyone is talking about the fact that something is wrong. What exactly that something is, however, is up for debate. Should the patent system be abolished? What about just software patents? Is the...

Ruby Thankful

By Michael Bleigh on August 15, 2011

A lot has been made in the talkosphere recently about the brewing "multi-Ruby version manager" war, namely RVM vs newcomer rbenv. I'm not here to discuss the relative merits of either software solution, mostly because I take things pretty simple and straightforward in command-line world and I've never run into problems with...

What if Rails Isn't For Beginners Anymore?

By Michael Bleigh on June 16, 2011

There's been a lot of controversy surrounding the changes to Rails 3.1. It started with an epic GitHub commit thread and the discussion exploded again in the past few days after What the Hell is Hapenning to Rails and Yehuda's response thereto. I'm going to address the issue from a perspective that honestly hadn't even occurred...

I Heart SASS, But HAML, I'm Just Not That In To You

By Michael Bleigh on May 4, 2011

Emacs vs Vim. iPhone vs Android. Of all of the nerd arguments, none hits closer to home for Ruby developers than HAML vs ERB. Proponents of HAML look at writing HTML as a dirty practice to be avoided at all costs and look down upon "mere" ERB authors. Meanwhile there's SASS, a language syntactically close kin to HAML and, until...

You Should Be An Open Source Developer

By Michael Bleigh on April 28, 2011

For a software developer there are essentially two paths to extremely enviable positions of respect in the community: either you can be the tech genius behind a multi-billion dollar startup or you can release open source projects that thousands (not millions) of developers find useful. Guess which one is easier to accomplish?

Why Open Source Company Culture is Important

By Michael Bleigh on April 22, 2011

Companies have many ways to benefit from an open source culture. While many arguments can be made about the philisophical implications of choosing to contribute to the open source community, at the end of the day philosophy isn't going to persuade any CEO to adopt open source. The real reason that open source culture is important to a...

Is Copyleft Really Right for Open Source?

By Michael Bleigh on December 7, 2010

There's a problem in the software development world, a practice that breaks down the free and open exchange of information. This practice is widespread throughout the software development world and can lead to a lock-in mindset that is damaging for the advancement of the community as a whole. I'm talking, of course, about copyleft...

A Web Developer Goes Native (with Android)

By Michael Bleigh on September 13, 2010

In the past week I've jumped head-first into Android development for a new Intridea project. This is my first time doing any real Android development as well as my first jump back to Java since I graduated from college. I thought it might be interesting to catalog some of my experiences developing for the platform, so here they are:

On Android and Custom UIs

By Michael Bleigh on June 22, 2010

I think that Android is a very important project that came along at just the right time. It has applications far beyond mobile handsets and we’ll begin seeing Android in cars, tablets, and more in the very near future. This will mean even more work will be poured into the Android ecosystem creating greater and greater benefits for everyone...