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Rails + Girls = A Better Rails Community

By Renae Bair on August 24, 2012


The Rails community has had its share of misogynistic controversy over the last several years. Dominated by male programmers (recent statistics suggest 94% of employed Rails programmers are male), the inroads to professional Rails development for females are not exactly accessible or welcoming. Of course, it's not just the Rails community...

Five Tips for Hackathon Participants

By Michael Bleigh on June 4, 2012


This past weekend I participated in Hack the Midwest, a Kansas City hackathon. The event was a huge success drawing a crowd of around 100 developers. As one of the visiting developer evangelists said, it was a great turnout for a New York hackathon, much less one in the midwest. At the competition I built, a simple service that will send...

City Programmer, Country Programmer - Building Rural User Groups

By Renae Bair on December 14, 2011


Metro areas generally have really active user groups where Rails_Awesome_Lord presents regularly, famous hackers drop in to give presentations, and the Rails Elite throw smashing parties and drinkups after each meeting. But not all developers live in (or near) metro areas and can partake in such festivities. If you're among the rural band of...

Vim Tip: Fast (and Easy) Project Searching

By Intridea on July 14, 2011


Our developers tend to have interesting conversations throughout the day in Socialspring Stream, our communication and collaboration application. It occurred to me today that it would make sense to take some of the useful tidbits of information that surface there and share them with the rest of the development community! After all, the...

.NET Meets Geospatial Rails at MADExpo

By Pete Jackson on July 11, 2011


Last week, I packed my bags and headed for Norfolk, VA to speak at the Mid-Atlantic Developers Expo. I've spent the better part of the past year traveling the country, speaking about Geospatial Programming using Ruby and Rails. As a long-time lover of maps, the topic has been a joy to introduce to the community of Ruby developers, at both small...

When Programmers Need Marketers

By Renae Bair on March 4, 2011


Thought Leader – Strategic Solutionary – Creative Ideation – Digital Marketing Strategy – Emerging Media Strategy – Integrated Demand Generation If you’re a programmer these words might make you feel unwell. To an outsider it seems like the Marketing crowd dresses themselves with esoteric buzzwords in order to...